Positive Action is a leading SEL Program for Pre K-12 based on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions. It embeds academic content in lessons designed to develop an intrinsic interest in learning & promote prosocial behavior.


Social and Emotional Learning:
Supporting the Whole Child

Social and emotional learning is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success. When educators focus on explicitly developing students’ social and emotional learning skills, research has proven it promotes academic success and increases positive behavior. During the COVID-19 pandemic, providing intentional and structured social and emotional support is critical to helping students remain safe, healthy, and empowered.

Savvas Learning Company is proud to partner with Positive Action, a leading provider of SEL curriculum, to offer educators effective tools and resources to support SEL instruction.



Routines from Positive Action to Support Your Instruction



The Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle routine focuses on the relationship between positive thoughts, actions, and feelings and how students can use this relationship in their lives.


Word of the Week

Positive words have power. By explicitly discussing a weekly word or routine, teachers are able to better support their students’ social and emotional well-being.


ICU “I See You” Messages

Recognizing positive actions of students can be a strong incentive and motivator. The ICU routine (“I See You Doing Something Positive”) allows teachers to recognize positive actions that students and staff members observe in others.


Social Emotional Resources: Support a SEL Environment