Features and Benefits

Reasons to Choose Physical Science: Concepts in Action

ARE YOU CURIOUS? Help students make the important connections between the science they read and what they experience every day. Relevant content, lively explorations, and a wealth of hands-on activities are just a few reasons to be curious about Physical Science: Concepts in Action.

21st Century Skills
Each chapter of Physical Science: Concepts in Action begins with an activity geared toward developing one or more 21st century skills. All of these activities task students to capture what they are learning in class and apply the knowledge to solving real-life problems in order to encourage productive, thoughtful members of the 21st-century world.

Inquiry Activities
This program includes 9 types of inquiry activities, such as Quick Labs, Forensic Labs and Data Analysis, that address all learning abilities. Thee easy-to-manage labs reinforce process skills an offer hands-on exploration of relevant and motivating topics.

Concepts in Action
These features integrate vivid photographic illustrations with incisive text to support students in their exploration of science. Students will explore air pollution, solar cars, fiber optics and more.

How it Works
From Dorling Kindersley, in-depth schematic illustrations of familiar objects, such as space suits, thermometers, and airbags, help students connect the science they learn with the science that surrounds them.

Math Skills and Practice
A three-step problem-solving method, with numerous opportunities for practice at point of use, encourages students to Read and Understand, Plan and Solve, and Look Back and Check. Color-coded variables aid student navigation and help reinforce comprehension.

Reading Focus
Introduce students to the Key Concepts, Vocabulary and Reading Strategy in the lesson. A graphic organizer helps visual learners understand difficult to master topics. Reading Checkpoints reinforce students’ understanding of material and provide an assessment pause point.

Savvas Realize™ - Coming Soon!
savvasrealize.com is your online destination for the complete Physical Science: Concepts in Action digital curriculum. A single sign-on provides access to physical science content, assessments, resources, management tools, and real-time student data. Savvas Realize™ directly syncs with providers such as Google® and OpenEd to provide a seamless digital experience. 

Workbooks for Student Success 
This program is supported by Math Skills and a Problem Solving Workbook, with section-based math instruction and math practice for mastering problem solving and key content; and a Reading and Study Workbook, Levels A and B, with worksheets and summaries. Workbooks are organized around every section of the Student Edition, supporting students in mastering reading and math skills.

Premium Assessment Resources 
Check student assessment every step of the way with multiple assessment tools. This program includes an ExamView® Test Bank and Assessment Suite with more than 2000 questions, Chapter and Unit Tests in English and Spanish, Test Preparation Blackline Masters, and a Test Preparation Workbook.

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