Survey Edition

Prentice Hall America: A History of Our Nation is a multiple media program designed to engage today’s students in the exciting story of our nation’s past. Built around meeting the way you teach and the way your students learn, the program provides different pathways into the content for all levels and types of learners, while providing cutting-edge teacher support developed to provide a “wow!” factor at each stage of instruction.

The program is built around Essential Questions designed to stimulate conversation, emphasize source analysis, hands-on learning, and critical thinking with a goal of helping students to achieve an enduring understanding of America’s past. Authors James West Davidson, Michael B. Stoff, and Grant Wiggins, co-author of Understanding by Design, focus on the “why” of history—helping students make meaning of what happened long ago and why it remains important to us today.

The Survey Edition  supports all American History courses from the beginnings to the modern day.

Teacher's Edition
Interactive Reading and Note Taking Study Guide
Adapted Interactive Reading and Note Taking Study Guide
Spanish Interactive Reading and Notetaking Study Guide