Savvas Science Navigator Program for Grades 6-12

Science Navigator® for Middle and High School

Science Navigator® focuses on scientific investigation, process skills, reading comprehension of complex text, and ways for teachers to probe for student understanding. Exploring the topic of energy, the inquiry-based lessons in Science Navigator® foster an active engagement in science and deepen student learning.


Why Choose Science Navigator®?

  • A rich, coherent program in which curriculum, instruction, and assessment are fully aligned.
  • A workshop structure that fosters scientific inquiry and shared responsibility for learning.
  • Engaging lessons that focus on content and skills acquisition.
  • A program that supports English language learners.
  • An effective learning environment for students with special needs.


Program Essentials

Science Navigator® focuses on energy - a topic that is hard to learn and hard to teach - as its principal theme. Energy is an important science concept that spans multiple subject areas, including earth science, life science, and physical science.


Key Elements

  • Standards-based lesson
  • Guided-inquiry approach
  • Content and skills-acquisition lessons
  • Program-embedded assessments

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