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On-Demand Certifiably Successful! The Importance of Certification and Credentialing in Today's Job Market ›
In this session you will learn about the value that certification brings to students as they pursue their goals for college and career success. The session will also address how teachers can prepare students to take certification exams and explore ideas teachers can apply in building successful certification programs. We will also take a look at some of the funding options available for schools to obtain the necessary funding and resources to start or expand certification programs.
On-Demand CTE Funding 101 ›
Join this CTE Funding 101 session to learn what funding is available to CTE programs, including COVID-19 relief funds. We'll discuss how funds are distributed, tips to search for grants, and recommendations to advocate within your district for CTE funding.
On-Demand Construction Careers – Learn to Build ›
In this session, we will discuss the following topics: What is construction, and who is doing it?, A day in the life of a builder, Go anywhere and build anything.
On-Demand Cook or Be Cooked: Your Culinary Life ›
We’ll view three videos, each focusing on a chef at a different level in the culinary world. The focus will be on a line chef, a sous chef, and on one of the premier chefs in the world (Thomas Keller, chef at the French Laundry in Yountville, CA). Each chef will talk about what they do on an everyday basis. Students will learn about the rewards and the difficulties of working in culinary. These are real-world portraits that feature culinary concepts like echoing and the brigade system. We’ll introduce each video and take time to explain some of the culinary terms. Ultimately, students will take away a sense of what it takes to succeed in the exciting world of culinary. The presentation is recommended for current culinary students and those students who are considering entering the culinary profession.
On-Demand The Life of a Firefighter ›
In our session, we'll discuss the training required to become a firefighter, including fire academy courses and EMS training. We'll also discuss how students can move into areas of specialization, like Technical rescue – High Angle, Confined Space, Swift Water, Structural Collapse, Paramedic, Explosive and Ordinance (Bomb Squad), and Inspector/Fire Marshal, or Fire Investigator. We'll end with a quick discussion of a firefighter's life at the station, and what it means to live on a shift-based schedule.
On-Demand EMS: A View from the Street ›
The emergency medical services provide a dynamic and exciting career opportunity—but don't go by what you see on television. Join veteran paramedic, instructor, and EMS author Dan Limmer for a look at real-life EMS on the street. You'll get the straight scoop, some stories, and even pictures!
On-Demand What is Food Justice and how can YOU make a difference in your community? ›
What is food justice? Why is it so important to care about other community members having access to culturally-appropriate foods? Learn about our food system in the United States & ways you can help folks facing food insecurity. Discover ways to fight food-related injustices & work with others to advocate for communities lacking access to healthy, fresh, culturally-appropriate foods. Together, we can fight the good fight in making sure everyone has access and the right to fresh, healthy foods everywhere!
On-Demand Offshore Drilling Rigs 101: How YOU Can Work On One! ›
What does it take to explore for the oil and gas deep beneath the ocean sea floors? Jose Tovar will take you on a virtual tour of the Ocean Star, one of the first offshore drilling rigs whose sole purpose was to explore for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll learn how an offshore drilling rig works, and how YOU can be part of a dynamic drilling crew onboard an offshore rig in the future!
Where does my trash go? Why is recycling important? Discover what happens to our trash when it goes to the landfills and why it is SO important to recycle. Learn about the rules of recycling and why they are important. Afterall, we only have one Earth, we all have a responsibility to protect it.
On-Demand Wonders All Around: Making Dreams a Reality ›
Hear the story about a kid who grew up reading Buck Rogers comic strips and dreaming about walking on the moon. This kid never gave up his dreams. He went to college, studied engineering, learned how to fly, and became an astronaut. He then spent a large part of his adult life designing and testing a real-life jetpack that could fly in outer space! This is the story of Bruce McCandless II and the Manned Maneuvering Unit—proof that there are wonders all around. Some we find, and some we make ourselves.

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On-Demand myView Literacy: The Big Picture ›
Explore the myView Literacy instructional model. You'll see how this simple model will bring balance and flexibility to your classroom. Teach the critical skills and strategies students need to be highly competent thinkers, readers and writers.
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