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The “Wipe It” Coaster Challenge

April 22, 2021 12:30 PM EST - April 22, 2021 01:00 PM EST

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Roller coaster!!!! True, responsible citizens should follow the 3 R’s but let’s also have a little fun while thinking about the environment! Join us on this Earth Day STEM and Engineering Design Activity as students face the challenge of building a marble roller coaster from empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls based on specific criteria. Students will plan the design of the coaster during our session and then construct the coaster outside of our session. Teachers will receive a link for resources to conduct and adapt this experiment based on grade level.

Materials Needed for Hands-On Participation:

  • Students: 5 empty toilet paper and 5 paper towel rolls, marble
  • Teacher: stopwatch, tape, 3x3 (feet) pieces of cardboard for each student

Speakers: Kelli Palsrok and Chris Peterson

Kelli Palsrok
Kelli has worked as an Education Consultant for Savvas for the past five years in the areas of Math, Science and STEM. Prior to this she enjoyed teaching for over twenty five years in Southwest Michigan. Kelli enjoys working collaboratively with educators to promote meaningful learning opportunities for all students.

Chris Peterson
Chris has worked with Savvas going on 3 years as a Math and Science Curriculum Specialist and Educational Consultant. Previously, he was a middle school teacher for 26 years in a school just outside of Birmingham, AL. He enjoys creating challenging, engaging lessons and activities for students to learn and become independent, creative thinkers and helping teachers implement terrific ideas into their instruction!!

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