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On-Demand Get into Gear ›
Cyclists strive to achieve efficiency during continuous riding. Students must determine which pairing of gears is the best or most efficient. They will apply their understanding of ratios to explore gear ratios and how they can affect pedaling and riding speeds.
On-Demand The “Wipe It” Coaster Challenge ›
Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Roller coaster!!!! True, responsible citizens should follow the 3 R’s but let’s also have a little fun while thinking about the environment! Join us on this Earth Day STEM and Engineering Design Activity as students face the challenge of building a marble roller coaster from empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls based on specific criteria. Students will plan the design of the coaster during our session and then construct the coaster outside of our session. Teachers will receive a link for resources to conduct and adapt this experiment based on grade level.
On-Demand Take Care of Our Earth-It’s Our Home! ›
Take your students on an adventure to see how they can truly impact the world around them! Students will meet Doug Riggs, an Environmental Engineer and learn about how he helps to take care of our Earth Everyday. Students learn how to research, plan and implement a plan to help the environment!
On-Demand Shoot for the Moon ›
Set audacious goals and work towards them! This is what we need to do right now to address biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. This strategy also led to some fun adventures and a rewarding career for Dr. MacIntyre. Share her journey to becoming a scientist, an astronaut candidate, and a science communicator encouraging people of all ages to take climate action.
On-Demand Superheroes 101: How to Save the World ›
Dr. Fanara, also known as Inspector Planet will take you through her journey on a mission to make the world a better place for future generations. From cleaning water on earth to aquaponics in space, the journey to being a superhero isn't easy, but nothing world changing is.
On-Demand STEM Activity: How can wind generate electric energy? ›
By exploring how electricity and magnetism are related, we'll use this knowledge to investigate how we can use renewable wind energy to generate electricity.
On-Demand CRISPR to 23-and-Me: The Human Genetics Revolution ›
Dr. Ken Miller discusses powerful new techniques that have dramatically altered human biology. He will describe a curriculum based on case study readings exploring the new human genetics.
On-Demand Testing, Testing, 1...2...3 ›
Meet James Edward West, an extraordinary inventor who invented something we probably use everyday! Students will learn about not only this great inventor, but become an inventor themselves by learning about sound and using some common items to try create their own sound amplifier!
On-Demand What Science REALLY Looks Like ›
Take students on a journey through STEM from a fresh perspective. Dajae will challenge the stigma that “science is boring” by sharing her unique pathway to becoming the DOPEST NASA ENGINEER. Dajae will share how she made connections between STEM and her love for hip hop to create fun educational raps. Students will get to discover how cool STEM really is and learn about new careers they didn’t even know existed. The presentation will wrap up with a hip hop performance from Dajae.
On-Demand Looking Inside the Minds of Thrill Seekers ›
They jump out of planes, climb skyscrapers, and will eat anything prompting others to ask 'what's wrong' with them. These are the thrill-seekers. They may appear to be adrenaline junkies, but are they? Dr. Carter will describe the world of the high sensation-seeking personality, exploring the psychology and neuroscience behind this fascinating personality trait. He’ll also discuss the many aspects of his career as a clinical psychologist from working with clients, to teaching, writing, and being on television, radio, and podcasts.

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On-Demand myView Literacy: The Big Picture ›
Explore the myView Literacy instructional model. You'll see how this simple model will bring balance and flexibility to your classroom. Teach the critical skills and strategies students need to be highly competent thinkers, readers and writers.
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