Features and Benefits

Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot: Object-Oriented Programming in Java with Games and Simulations includes the following features to stimulate learning:

Basic Java programming principles are explored in the context of Greenfoot

  • Greenfoot uses simulations and games to teach programming skills, making the topic interesting, hands-on, and enjoyable for students.
  • Students have the chance to build simple games or complex, highly-structured programs in this environment, making the software accessible to a wide range of students.
  • All Greenfoot examples teach basic principles of standard Java, a fundamental language in computer programming.

UPDATED! A highly interactive text teaches through hands-on examples

  • NEW!Examples have been added to the text that allow students to practice programming in an enjoyable, engaging fashion, such as:
    • NEW! Chapter 1: Leaves and Wombats introduces some important object-oriented concepts and Greenfoot interactions early on in the text.
    • NEW! Chapter 6: Newton’s Lab is a simulation of the motion of stars and planets in space that teaches the concept of gravity.
    • NEW! Chapter 10has a variety of new examples that intend to inspire further projects, such as:
      • Lifts is a start of lifts simulation that can be continued into its own project.
      • Boids is a demo showing flocking behavior through the motion of birds.
      • Circles makes patterns in different colors on the screen with moving circles.
      • Explosion demonstrates a sophisticated explosion effect.
      • Breakout is the beginning of the classic breakout game with an interesting visual effect.
      • Platform jumper is a demonstration of this popular simulation.
      • Wave is the simulation of the propagation of a wave on a string.
    • Projects are introduced first with interactive examples and later explained theoretically, allowing students to practice skills they are learning before understanding dry material.
    • Engaging examples in the form of games, simulations, and music make programming fun and stimulating for all students.
    • Exercises are integrated throughout the text to help students consistently practice major concepts.
    • Pedagogical features guide the text, making it easily readable for students.