Features and Benefits

For the AP* JAVA Exam

  • Revised to meet the requirements of the College Board’s AP Exam for 2010
  • AP* correlation to specific pages in the text
  • Questions at the end of each chapter direct students to the online supplement for the current Marine Biology AP* case study
  • AP*-type questions included with end-of-chapter material
  • Includes coverage of the enhanced for loop
  • Provides an introduction to the use of generic collection classes
  • Uses java.util.Scanner for I/O
  • Introduces autoboxing and unboxing
  • Discusses type-safe enumerations
  • Focuses on object-oriented principles
  • Downloadable supplements include Instructor's Manual, lecture PowerPoints, source code, lesson plans, and more.

This third edition of Java Software Solutions for AP* Computer Science has been updated to ensure that the most recent requirements for the Advanced Placement test have been thoroughly covered. In addition, the flow and discussion of certain topics have been improved and updated. The specific changes include:

  • The coverage of primitive types in Chapter 2 now provides more detail of internal representation and a discussion of imprecision and round-off error. An appendix has been added covering number systems and examples of conversions between bases.
  • A discussion of the Integer.MAX_VALUE and Integer.MIN_VALUE constants is now part of the Chapter 2 coverage of wrapper classes.
  • The Math.random method is discussed in more detail in Chapter 2 as an alternative to using the Random class.
  • Chapter 3 now includes a discussion of loop analysis.
  • A new section in Chapter 5 covers Testing and Debugging.
  • End-of-chapter exercises have been updated to reflect the modified and new material.