Reading Street Common Core 101 Literacy Curriculum

What are the anchor standards? And what does text-based comprehension look like in your classroom? Common Core 101 will be your guide in answering these and other questions on your path to Common Core expertise. Annotated lessons, a glossary of Common Core terminology, and professional development articles on a wealth of topics will propel you to the top of the class.


Be a Reading Detective!

Introducing Reading Street Sleuth

Good readers search for clues when they read. They ask questions. They examine the evidence, draw conclusions, and make their case. Each week, students read a selection from Sleuth to unlock the mysteries of complex text.

  • Short selections with higher, grade-level readability
  • Increasingly challenging literary and informational content
  • All students have access through scaffolded instruction
  • Weekly opportunities for close reading and performance tasks


Assess, Track, Focus Instruction

How do you know if students are making progress? Reading Street Common Core provides a wide range of formative and summative assessments. Check to see that students are moving up levels of text difficulty. Know what to do if they’re not. You’re on Reading Street, the road to the Common Core.