Connected Mathematics Project 3 (CMP3) FAQs

Inquiry Based Learning for Grades 6-8

How are the instructional features different between CMP2 and CMP3?

Instructional FeaturesCMP2CMP3
Renowned authorship team
Problem-centered curriculum that fosters reflective learners through discussion of solution methods, embedded mathematics, and appropriate generalizations
Three-part lesson structure: Launch, Explore, Summarize
ACE (Applications, Connections, Extensions) homework questions
Mathematical Practices serve as the pedagogical fabric of the program
Table of Contents and Unit Investigation Booklets completely aligned by grade level to the Common Core State Standards domains, clusters, and standards  
Interactive Class and Student Management features  
Personalized Skills Practice powered by MathXL®  


How is the component list different between CMP2 and CMP3?

Interactive Digital Student Edition  
Student Edition in print (booklets, single bind, English, Spanish)
Personalized Skills Practice powered by MathXL®  
Interactive digital Teacher’s Guide with additional point-of-use teaching resources  
Teacher's Guides in print
Program Implementation and Overview Guide
Digital QuickStart Guide  
Program Resources package (print, digital)
Online Teacher Community  
Assessments CD with ExamView®
Teacher Resources DVD  
Manipulatives Kits