Stuart J. Murphy's I See I Learn at School Pre-K Literacy Curriculum Features and Benefits

Visual Learning

Children are visual learners. Long before children can read, or even speak many words, they are accomplished visual learners. Young children can understand illustrations and photographs with ease, as well as more abstract representations such as symbols and graphs. I See I Learn at School builds on children's natural visual skills. Visual learning author Stuart J. Murphy uses vivid illustrations, diagrams, highlighted words, and an amazing cast of characters to teach life skills and school readiness skills.


Visual Learning and Young Children

I see i learn character - Ajay

More about visual learning strategies

Modeling Positive Behaviors

Each story is modeled on real life situations, and focuses on a specific skill from one of the 4 domains.



Making Friends

Being Polite




Dealing with Bullying

Building Confidence

Dealing with Frustration

Emotional Skills: Making Decisions


Health and Safety

Getting Help When Lost

Healthy Habits

Playground Safety

Washing Your Hands




Knowing Left and Right

Writing Your Name

Knowing Your Community