Prentice Hall Mathematics: Courses 1, 2, 3 and Algebra Readiness for California

Prentice Hall Mathematics: Courses 1, 2, 3 and Algebra Readiness for California

Algebra Readiness

Algebra Readiness is designed for the middle school learner and provides a smooth transition from Course 1 and Course 2 Math.

Students of all levels benefit from the structured leveled set of exercises in the homework sections. First, students practice by example. Next, they apply the skills they have learned, and finally, students are challenged with problems that require them to apply concepts on an accelerated level. The Go For Help icon refers students back to examples for help on similar problems previously introduced in the chapter. Topics covered include algebraic expressions and integers, solving one-step equations and inequalities, area and volume, and linear functions.


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Multilingual Handbook
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Middle School Math Skills Review and Practice
price: $16.97
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isbn13: 9780133722079
Test Prep Workbook
price: $6.97
isbn10: 0133722201
isbn13: 9780133722208
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isbn10: 0133721183
isbn13: 9780133721188
Teaching Resources, Chapters 1 - 4
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isbn13: 9780133721348
Teaching Resources, Chapters 5 - 8
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isbn13: 9780133721355
Teaching Resources, Chapters 9 - 12
price: $49.47
isbn10: 0133721361
isbn13: 9780133721362
All-in-One Student Workbook
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isbn10: 0133721493
isbn13: 9780133721492
All-in-One Student Workbook, Adapted Version
price: $14.47
isbn10: 0133721507
isbn13: 9780133721508
Spanish Additional Practice
price: $67.47
isbn10: 0133722414
isbn13: 9780133722413
Spanish Assessment Resources
price: $48.97
isbn10: 0133722295
isbn13: 9780133722291
Teacher's Edition
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isbn10: 013372123X
isbn13: 9780133721232


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