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Rich Problem Solving for the Common Core

Chapter-infused Common Core performance tasks are an integral part of instruction. They're not “add-ons” to the program—they foster mathematical connections by bringing together the Content Standards with the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

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Chapter-Opening Performance task

Chapter-Opening Performance Task
The chapter opener introduces the real-world, problem-solving task.

Apply What You've Learned

Apply What You've Learned
Students revisit the chapter-opening task and continue to connect the Content Standards to the Practice Standards.

Pull It All Together

Pull It All Together
Students pull together all their new mathematical learning to complete the chapter's performance task.

On Your Own

On Your Own
Students complete an additional performance task to reinforce learning.


Tutorial Videos—on Your Smartphone!


Watch Math Tutorial Videos on Your Smartphone!

It's one of the many digital tools that instantly connects with digital natives. Virtual Nerd Tutorial Videos, Homework Video Tutors, Digital Math Tools, and an Interactive Mobile eText provide compelling ways to personalize learning and enhance understanding.

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All-New Next Generation Assessment Prep


It's all new, and it's all here. Common Core Standards Practice and Review helps you prepare your students for upcoming Common Core tests.

  • 30 Weeks of Common Core problems
  • Similar in format and question type to the new assessments
  • PowerPoint files for every question
  • Detailed teaching support and rubrics
  • Common Core Performance-Based Assessments
  • Common Core End-of-Course Test
  • Student Test Prep Workbook

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