Table of Contents

Health Science Fundamentals: Career Pathways
and Essential Skills, 3e

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Being a Health Care Worker
2. Understanding Health Care Systems
3. Finding the Right Occupation for You
4. Employability and Leadership
5. Understanding Your Legal Obligations
6. Medical Ethics
7. Wellness
8. Teamwork
9. Effective Communication
10. Medical Terminology
11. Medical Math
12. Measurement and the Scientific Process
13. Your Body and How It Functions
14. Human Growth and Development
15. Mental Illness
16. Nutrition
17. Controlling Infection
18. Patient and Employee Safety
19. Measuring Vital Signs and Other Clinical Skills
20. Medical Assisting and Laboratory Skills
21. Therapeutic Techniques and Sports Medicine
22. Responsibilities of a Dental Assistant
Appendix A
Medical Terminology, Word Parts, Singular and Plural
Appendix B
Getting Ready for the Clinical Experience
Dress Code for the Clinical Experience
Having a Positive Clinical Experience

The Post-Clinical Experience
Completing a Clinical Journal