Features and Benefits

Intuitive "word parts" approach to building medical vocabulary: 

  • Logical, simple, proven, color-coded approach based on connecting word parts in an organized sequence—preparing students to learn any new medical terminology, in any healthcare field, now and in the future 
  • NEW! Combining Forms Table with meanings now included in each body systems chapter— makes it easier for students to quickly learn the foundations of key terms related to each system 
Innovative pedagogy, including extensive opportunities to deepen understanding through practice (both print and online):
  • NEW! Practical Application exercises based on medical records in Electronic Health Record (EHR) format—preparing students to work with the electronic healthcare delivery systems that are rapidly becoming mandatory 
  • NEW! ALERT! and Speak-It feature designed to help students identify, build, spell, and pronounce of medical words by providing a phonetic spelling system representing speech sounds—offering another powerful way for students to master the practical use of medical terminology 
  • NEW! Rule Reminder feature stresses essential rules—reinforcing the concepts students need to understand medical terminology 
  • NEW! Three Study and Review exercise sections integrated into each chapter—creating a more engaging and interactive text, and placing opportunities to practice immediately after students learn the material 
  • NEW! Updated FYI features providing interesting medical tidbits and lore—piquing students interest, helping them broaden their knowledge, and introducing them to the culture of medicine 
  • NEW! Case Study vignettes with exercises—linking medical terminology to real healthcare clients and careers