A Unique Approach
Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease: An Interactive Journey for Health Professionals adopts a unique approach to this essential course for health science students. Written in an engaging, conversational style, the text uses a theme of a journey, richly interwoven with relatable analogies and current events that students actually enjoy reading. Rather than memorizing massive amounts of information to pass a test, students develop lasting connections that will help them thrive as health care practitioners. The text also presents the essential interrelationships between anatomy and physiology and pathology, with an emphasis on clinical applications.
New to this Edition
Significantly enhanced select drawings with side-by-side micrographs help learners connect illustrative concepts to real life.
New and updated Clinical Applications present the most current research on specific anatomy and physiology topics related to chapter content. One prime example is the new American Heart Association blood pressure classifications and guidelines released in late 2017.
New cellular and tissue tables complete with actual micrographs to provide visual representations to table text.
Added Focus on Professions feature to show diversity and relatedness to A&P topics and highlight the many health care career options.
Updated all body system disorder content to provide learners with the most recent information and connect disease states to abnormal changes in anatomy, and physiology.
Updated Pharmacology Corner feature to provide common medication examples for various diseases.

Introducing the Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease eCourse
This comprehensive online program provides the resources teachers need to effectively teach their Anatomy and Physiology course in any environment, in a classroom or remotely using any mobile device.
eCourse features include:
  • Full Student Edition eText with search, navigation and bookmark tools
  • Customizable assignments to meet individual student needs
  • Classroom and student reporting
  • Supplemental projects and activities to reinforce learning
  • Engaging videos to extend concepts

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