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Image of Dr. Randall I. Charles

Dr. Randall I. Charles

Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics San Jose State University San Jose, California

Bio | Transitioning to the Common Core Monograph | Problem Solving Monograph

Image of Dr. Francis Skip Fennell

Dr. Francis “Skip” Fennell

NCTM President and Professor of Education McDaniel College Westminster, Maryland

Bio | Fractions Monograph

Image of Dr. Janet H. Caldwell

Dr. Janet H. Caldwell

Professor of Mathematics Rowan University Glassboro, New Jersey


Image of Dr. Jane F. Schielack

Dr. Jane F. Schielack

Associate Dean for Assessment and PreK-12 Education Texas A&M University College Station, Texas

Bio | Mathematical Practices Monograph

Image of Dr. Juanita Nita Copley

Dr. Juanita “Nita” Copley

Chair of the Curriculum and Instruction Department College of Education University of Houston Houston, Texas

Bio | Primary Grades Monograph

Image of Dr. Warren D. Crown

Dr. Warren D. Crown

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey


Image of Stuart J. Murphy

Stuart J. Murphy

Visual Learning Specialist and Author Boston, Massachusetts

Bio | Monograph