English Language Learners

Understand how the Five Essential Practices and Ten Key Points can be used as a lens to understand the linguistic demands of the Common Core State Standards. Participants explore how linguistic demands impact students’ engagement with text, performance tasks, and how the Five Essential Practices and Ten Key Points can provide scaffolds to make lessons more accessible for students. 



We'll help you and your teams analyze current instructional practices and infrastructure with recommendations and timelines for custom training and implementation. We have extensive professional development, train-the-trainer, and job-embedded services provide your teachers & leaders with the deepest understanding of the Common Core possible.



We'll help educators understand the Common Core's depth and rigor by creating and using demanding performance tasks that take the true measure of student understanding. Our workshops and job-embedded support help educators develop new curriculum frameworks and instructional units, enabling students to demonstrate understanding and develop strong academic behaviors.



We'll help you plan, launch, and provide on-going job-embedded support for teacher workgroups designing Common Core-based curriculum and instruction. Our workshops, job-embedded support, and collaborative services for leaders and teacher sustain and enhance implementation of the Common Core.