A 3rd or 4th Year Math Course  

Blitzer is back with the second edition of Math for Your World—a favorite of teachers across the country! Teachers like how it keeps students engaged and has the flexibility to aid the diverse math population in today’s classrooms. Developed specifically for high school students who need another year of discrete math mixed topics, Math for Your World offers hundreds of real-world examples and applications. Blitzer’s flair for providing interesting content keeps students focused and motivated unlike any college alternative text.


  • Deliberately developed with the high school student in mind, evidenced by interesting features as well as use of color, fun pictures, and interesting exercises
  • Draws students in with an engaging, accessible, and appropriate writing style
  • Features clearly written examples that are appropriate in level, providing an excellent complement to in-class lectures
  • Includes ample, interesting, and relevant exercises for homework assignments and quizzes
  • Balances breadth and depth for high school students, making it easy to plan for class
  • Offers the reading level and rigor that is appropriate for high school students and preparation for college

College Readiness Features

Math for Your World helps ensure students’ successfully mastery of discrete math skillsets needed to prepare for college.

  • Use of diverse sources to create relevant examples and applications for high school students
  • Voice balloons and step-by-step solutions that walk students through examples
  • Extensive chapter review materials to help students prepare for tests
  • A brief review feature that covers topics students should already know, freeing up classroom time for new topics

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