Featuring an Accessible Approach to Math Lessons

Best-selling author Elayn Martin-Gay firmly believes that with an accessible approach to math lessons, supported by student-friendly videos that elaborate on key math concepts, every math student can be successful. She has taught at the University of New Orleans for more than 25 years and earned numerous teaching awards along the way. Martin-Gay’s series of highly acclaimed videos are a key element of this robust High School Series, as well as her other best-selling College Math courses.


  • Consistency: All videos and content have been personally authored and presented by Elayn Martin-Gay, offering a consistent voice throughout all three courses.
  • Unparalleled videos: More than 3,000 videos by Elayn Martin-Gay are embedded into the eText and available to easily assign to students for step-by-step instructional and support.
  • Student support:
    • Print and digital editions of the Student Organizer notebook include topic-specific practice and homework problems to help students stay organized and learn note-taking and journaling skills. (for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2)
    • The Student Video Organizer encourages students to take notes and try practice exercises while watching Elayn Martin-Gay’s lecture series. (for Geometry)
    • NEW! Printed Student Editions are now available!
  • Teacher Support:
    • Teacher Professional Development videos provide helpful teaching strategies for algebra and geometry.
    • Implementation Guides offer pacing suggestions, mini-lessons for each section of the test, intervention tips, and closure questions.

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