Table of Contents

Part I Exploring and Understanding Data

  1. Stats Starts Here
  2. Stories Categorical Data Tell
  3. Exploring Quantitative Data
  4. Stories Quantitative Data Tell
  5. What’s Normal? 

Part II Exploring Relationships Between Variables

  1. A Tale of Two Variables
  2. What’s My Line?
  3. What’s My Curve?

Part III Gathering Data

  1. Samples
  2. Observational Studies and Experiments
  3. Using Randomness

Part IV Randomness and Probability

  1. Let Me Count the Ways
  2. What Are the Chances?
  3. Probability Rules!
  4. Probability Models

Part V From the Data at Hand to the World at Large

  1. Confidence Intervals for a Proportion
  2. Surprised? Testing Hypotheses About Proportions
  3. Inferences About a Mean
  4. Comparing Proportions or Means
  5. Comparing Counts
  6. Appendixes