Features and Benefits

This program is designed for algebra-based introductory statistics courses. It’s readable, approachable text helps high school students understand and enjoy reading about statistics—and understand how they apply in the real world.


  • Leads with practical data analysis and graphics, encouraging students to “do statistics” and “think statistically” from the start
  • Uses real-world examples wherever possible to engage students
  • Includes the most common mistakes in statistical thinking to help students avoid errors.
  • Includes extensive exercise sets that feature applied concepts to help validate students’ ability to think statistically, rather than simply produce an answer
  • Follows a tiered exercise approach to differentiate instruction
  • Features articles from Time, Newsweek, and the New York Times to demonstrate the application of statistics in the real world
  • Provides a Teacher’s Resource Guide with Worksheets, including extra examples, tips on how to teach the content, and fully worked problems
The course is available in MathXL® for School, the online homework, tutorial, and assessment supplement, and MyMathLab® for School, the fully digital course complete with eText, online assignments, multimedia, and more. Visit mathxlforschool.com or mymathlabforschool.com for more information.

What’s NEW to this edition?

  • Chapter 1 (and beyond). Now Chapter 1 gets down to business immediately, looking at data. Other chapters lead with new, up-to-the-minute, motivating examples and follow through with analyses of the data and new examples that provide a basis for sample problems and exercises.
  • Common Core Math. Content has been updated to include all Common Core Math topics. Icons at the start of many sections identify the specific standards addressed there.
  • Revised chapter-ending study guides.  This overview help students review the key concepts and terms via What Have We Learned?
  • Multiple choice. We’ve introduced multiple-choice exercises in each chapter to help students better prepare for tests.
  • Updated examples, exercises, and data. The new edition features hundreds of new exercises and updated continuing exercises with the most recent data.
  • Innovative Think/Show/Tell Step-by-Step examples. These features have been updated with new contexts and data.
  • Real-world examples and exercises. Content is based on recent news stories, research articles, and other real-world sources. We’ve listed many of those sources so students can explore them further.
  • Updated TI Tips. Each chapter’s easy-to-read “TI Tips”now show students how to use TI-84 Plus statistics functions with the StatWizard operating system.