A Bridge Math Course for High School Seniors

Based on the successful SAILS program in Tennessee, MyMathLab® for School: College & Career Readiness is an online course that prepares high school seniors to be successful in a college math course. This preparation will save students time and money while accelerating their path to graduation when they get to college. Squires and Wyrick’s flexible and modular program allows for easy setup and customization to accommodate a variety of learning environments.

Interactive Course Features

  • Curriculum covering Basic Math (e.g., arithmetic), Algebra 1 (e.g., equations, inequalities, factoring and graphing), and Algebra 2 (e.g., graphing functions, equations and inequalities)—all correlated to Common Core State Standards
  • A blended model of instruction via a guided learning path
  • Topics that begin with an accessible video presentation, followed by a simple check of students’ conceptual understanding, and end with an assignment to ensure that students have mastered the topic
  • Individualized instruction for students who are struggling to master a given topic