Connected Mathematics Project 3 (CMP3) for NYC


Program Components

CMP3 Program Overview

CMP3 engages students in active, personalized learning. Watch this video for an overview of the program. Or, download this helpful program overview document.

Program Overview Document

Program Overview Video


CMP3 Technology Overview

CMP3 includes robust technology supports for students and teachers. View these brief videos to find out how CMP3 technology helps you get the most out of the program. Or, download this helpful technology overview document.

Technology Overview Document

Teacher Solutions

Teacher Place

Teacher Place was created to make planning, teaching, and classroom management a whole lot easier. The online teacher dashboard, powered by Dash, allows users to interact with instructional content in a flexible, personalized way.


Teacher Community powered by Teachability

Teachability is a new community on Teacher Place. It lets CMP3 teachers collaborate with other CMP3 instructors. Teachers can share ideas, ask questions, offer tips, and get helpful strategies to improve student achievement.


Student Solutions

Student Place

Student Place is where CMP3 students access their online math content, graded homework, and teacher comments. It gives students (and their parents) anytime-anywhere access for a personalized learning experience.

Personalized Skills Practice with MathXL

MathXL® is now part of CMP3. This online powerhouse provides personalized skills practice. A Pretest automatically determines the level of instruction.