iLit ELL: California Program 5, Specialized ELD for Grades 4-10

iLit ELL brings together literacy engagement and language development for English learners. As a digital-first program with extensive print resources, iLit ELL accelerates English language development. It provides 180 lessons for English learners, 45 newcomer specific lessons, and more than 200 ELL-specific printed texts. Coauthored by one of the world’s leading authorities on second language acquisition, Jim Cummins, iLit ELL is a perfect way to meet English Learners where they are and build language and literacy from there. Inspire Literacy.

iLit ELL California




Teach California ELD Standards

  • Use iLit ELL for a dedicated ELD class period (45-60 minutes) 
  • Thousands of high-interest texts (Lexile® BR-2500+) 
  • Instruction spanning Newcomers to Long-Term ELs 
  • Differentiation and scaffolds for varying ELP levels 
  • Audio and translation support in 45 languages 
  • Explicit academic language lessons 
  • Classroom routines for academic discussions 
  • Builds foundational skills for California CCSS ELA/Literacy 
  • Embedded SIOP® teacher professional development 
  • Monitors reading growth, fluency, and language proficiency

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