iLit ELL: California Program 5, Specialized ELD for Grades 4-10

iLit ELL brings together literacy engagement and language development for English learners. As a digital-first program with extensive print resources, iLit ELL accelerates English language development. It provides 180 lessons for English learners, 45 newcomer specific lessons, and more than 200 ELL-specific printed texts. Coauthored by one of the world’s leading authorities on second language acquisition, Jim Cummins, iLit ELL is a perfect way to meet English Learners where they are and build language and literacy from there. Inspire Literacy.

iLit ELL California




Teach California ELD Standards

  • Use iLit ELL for a dedicated ELD class period (45-60 minutes) 
  • Thousands of high-interest texts (Lexile® BR-2500+) 
  • Instruction spanning Newcomers to Long-Term ELs 
  • Differentiation and scaffolds for varying ELP levels 
  • Audio and translation support in 45 languages 
  • Explicit academic language lessons 
  • Classroom routines for academic discussions 
  • Builds foundational skills for California CCSS ELA/Literacy 
  • Embedded SIOP® teacher professional development 
  • Monitors reading growth, fluency, and language proficiency

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Evidence-Based Results for California ELs

Help California ELs acquire full proficiency in English.

Sample Full-year Implementation Growth


Translations for 45 Language Groups

iLit ELL supports California’s diverse English language population. Audio and text translations in 45 languages include Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic, Filipino, Cantonese, Korean, and Hmong.




Build Academic Vocabulary

iLit ELL includes explicit instructional routines to develop students’ academic vocabulary. Repeated encounters with vocabulary, along with visuals, media, and interactive activities, help EL students internalize meanings.




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The California Specialized ELD Program

Ensure ELs achieve California grade-level academic standards.

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