myPerspectives offers students more voice, more choice, and more ownership of their learning.

myPerspectives™ promotes a transformative learning environment that focuses on a culture of engagement, collaboration, and reflection to build independent readers and writers. It shines a light on every student’s perspective and opens the door to new ways of thinking, seeing, and doing.

myPerspectives and the ELD Companion 

The myPerspectives ELD Companion bridges students to grade level with designated ELD instruction.


myPerspectives and the ELD Companion 
Your Program 2 solution:

  • 21st Century English Language Arts program with designated ELD instruction at Grades 6-12.
  • A curriculum that values the perspective of the learner, collectively and individually.
  • A next-gen learning experience that promotes higher achievement and develops competencies needed for college and career.
myPerspectives, ELD Companion



NEW FOR 2020!

  • Gradual Release Model: Whole Group, Small Group, and Independent Learning
  • Units of study are backwards designed
  • Topic-based, multi-genre texts sets
  • Personalized learning and scaffolded support
  • Interactive student edition with audio
  • Performance tasks and assessments
  • Digital resource library includes media and novels integration
  • New ELD Companion adds designated ELD Instruction
What's New for 2016