Inspire ELA teaching and learning.

Create a new learning culture with this all-digital ELA curriculum! Pearson® System of Courses is a coherent system of instruction and resources. It transforms ELA instruction by integrating standards, curriculum, assessment, and professional development. The digital delivery of courses drives student learning and engagement. It gives learners more choice and voice, and promotes the measurement of deep learning. Pearson System of Courses creates a learner-driven culture that leverages the technology students use every day.

  • Coherent ELA curriculum, Grades K-12
  • Developed for Common Core State Standards
  • Unique digital design for tablet technology
  • Fiction and content-rich informational texts
  • Social collaboration and student ownership
  • Videos, animations, games, interactive software
  • Highly supportive for all levels of English learners
  • Continual formative assessment
  • Instant feedback for students
  • Real-time updates for teachers







Learner-driven environment

Connect to students’ interests to improve ELA outcomes.




Interactive technology

Highlight, underline, and add notes—strategies for close reading.




Collaboration tools

Write, talk, text, and share! Learners collaborate as a team.




Interactive games

Ready, set, play! Make ELA learning fun and challenging.




Teacher Empowerment

Teachers can access everything they need, including professional development services.