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On-Demand Funding CTE with SSAE: A How-To Guide for CTE Leaders ›
Do you want your district to prioritize CTE when it comes to funding? Join this complimentary webinar to learn about the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant (SSAE). We will empower you with knowledge about money available to help you build or expand your STEM and/or college and career readiness programs in your district.
On-Demand Teaching Personal Financial Literacy: Your Students’ Future Depends on it! ›
During CTE Month, we’re offering a complimentary webinar with Personal Financial Literacy co-authors, Dr. Michael Casey and Dr. Sherry Roberts.
On-Demand Six Essential Strategies for Creating Effective Career Pathway Systems with Bill Symonds ›
Bill Symonds will explore how to use career development to create a more effective, efficient, and equitable education system for your school, district, or state.
On-Demand Going Digital with NCCERConnect ›
NCCERConnect is an online solution that brings all of the NCCER material and curriculum to life through assessments, muli-media, and a variety of interactive mediums. There are many different features within the NCCERConnect environment that enable you to implement a course, program, and trainings all over the U.S.

This presentation covers the benefits of going digital and how a Colorado-based company uses the NCCERConnect Program to offer an Electrical Apprentice Program to a wide geographic student population.
On-Demand How to Recruit the Workforce of Tomorrow ›
The focus of this presentation will be on shared practices and ways of using career resources to recruit students into CTE programs. Building this pipeline of talent will not only close the skills gap, but provide individuals with lifelong rewarding careers.
On-Demand Overview: Learning Microsoft Office 2016 eCourse ›
Overview of eCourse for Learning Microsoft Office 2016 The Learning Microsoft Office 2016 eCourse is an innovative and personalized way to teach and learn digital literacy. This eCourse helps students learn workplace skills through applied practice.
On-Demand Making Power Skills Your Own—a webinar on how to incorporate these skills into your practice ›
This webinar is designed to teach two of the most important Power Skills: communication and collaboration.
On-Demand Collaboration is Key: Working with Industry to Create Better Career Pathways ›
The focus of this presentation will be on how CTE programs that align with the needs of local industry can lead to available careers in a regional economy and provide a direct pipeline for students to employers. These programs represent how education and industry can work together to ensure communities maintain a well-trained workforce.
On-Demand The Internationalization of the US Registered Apprenticeship System: What Role Does CTE Play? ›
Registered Apprenticeship Programs have received an abundance of media attention as a pathway to middle skill jobs that decades ago were responsible for building the middle class. This webinar will share strategies to model the world-class Career and Technical Education programs (known as TVET) in Switzerland and Germany and key ingredients that will assist in assuring apprenticeship growth success: The need to engage willing employers to serve as apprenticeship sponsors across the targeted industry sectors.
On-Demand Industry & Education: Bridging the Skills Gap ›
Partnerships are the foundation to successful education and bridging the workforce gap. Joliet Junior College, the oldest public community college, has decades of experience in working with industry partners to develop programs that will fulfill the needs of labor shortage. During this webinar, we will discuss the importance of establishing partnerships, identifying key personnel, and satisfying the needs of the community.