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On-Demand Teaching Strategies for Off-Campus Learning with the LEARN Series ›
With uncertain access to on-campus labs and textbooks, the LEARN series of books provides a fully online option for students to learn anywhere- even using their cell phones! Learn how to implement this curriculum in a traditional, hybrid or fully online course.
Aug 19, 2020
12:00 PM EST
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for the Gasoline Instructor ›
Learn about the successful integration of hybrid and electric vehicles into a traditional automotive program. Topics covered include safety, tools, and equipment, as well as basic technical information.
Aug 27, 2020
1:00 PM EST
Cultivating Creativity by Extending Projects in the LEARN Series ›
The LEARN series of books includes the world's greatest curriculum and level-up challenges at the end of every project. Learn how to use these level-up challenges to extend student comprehension and your own.
Sep 08, 2020
1:00 PM EST
Grading, Assessment, and Strategies for Implementing the LEARN Series ›
Grading creativity is hard! Learn how to ensure grading never impedes creativity while preparing students for success on the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Certifications exam.
Sep 09, 2020
12:00 PM EST
Diagnosis from the Driver's Seat ›
This presentation will focus on the diagnostics that can be performed from the driver's seat even before the hood of the car is opened. These diagnostics are easy to perform, however, they provide an abundance of details.
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On-Demand The Internationalization of the US Registered Apprenticeship System: What Role Does CTE Play? ›
Registered Apprenticeship Programs have received an abundance of media attention as a pathway to middle skill jobs that decades ago were responsible for building the middle class. This webinar will share strategies to model the world-class Career and Technical Education programs (known as TVET) in Switzerland and Germany and key ingredients that will assist in assuring apprenticeship growth success: The need to engage willing employers to serve as apprenticeship sponsors across the targeted industry sectors.
On-Demand Industry & Education: Bridging the Skills Gap ›
Partnerships are the foundation to successful education and bridging the workforce gap. Joliet Junior College, the oldest public community college, has decades of experience in working with industry partners to develop programs that will fulfill the needs of labor shortage. During this webinar, we will discuss the importance of establishing partnerships, identifying key personnel, and satisfying the needs of the community.
On-Demand Ancient Grains: Bringing Fringe Ingredients into the Culinary Mainstream ›
Presented by On Cooking Author, Priscilla Martel
On-Demand Discovering Global Cuisines: Southeast Asia and Thailand ›
Presented by Chef and Educator, Nancy Krcek Allen