Texas Dollars and Sense


Essential principles of personal finance, economics, and entrepreneurship

Connecting academic achievement to real-world success, Dollars & Sense Introduces to, and guides students through, teamwork, communication, collaboration, essential principles of personal finance, economics, the environment, career exploration, employment search and skills, and consumerism. Clear, simple, writing with current examples, Chapter Objectives, boldfaced key vocabulary terms with marginal definitions, and vibrant full color design ensure that students are engaged and on track throughout the text.

Numerous activities spur student engagement and provide hands-on practice and assessment opportunities for the 21st Century

Technology skills

  • Tech Connect introduces a technology concept relating to the topic.
  • Social Networking promotes community involvement and social responsibility, and encourages students to practice good citizenship.
  • A chapter-ending case study presents a real-life scenario, followed by a series of open-ended questions designed to provide the student with the opportunity to use 21st Century skills.
  • Web Extra provides suggestions for using the Internet to locate additional information about the chapter topics.

Language arts and key subjects skills

  • Chapter Review is a set of ten questions designed to assess reading comprehension.
  • Write Now is a language arts activity that encourages students to answer questions, research and present information, or respond to critical thinking prompts.
  • Test It Yourself! provides an opportunity for students to form a hypothesis and then test it in a lab activity. It integrates science or social studies with teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and communications.

Math and financial literacy skills

  • Numbers Game provides instruction on how to apply the concept in a real-world situation, and then prompts students to do the math themselves.
  • Money Madness invites students to use their problem solving, goal setting, and decision making skills along with math to solve a problem involving money.

Life and career skills

  • Job Search includes foundational job search information and provides exploration activities to build knowledge, skills, and portfolio products.
    Sounding Off! includes two prompts relating to the topic, designed to promote discussion as a class or in small groups.
    Team Players is a group activity designed to encourage teamwork on projects ranging from research presentations to cooking competitions.
    Hot Topics is a prompt designed to encourage students to think about the challenges they face in their own lives, and to respond anonymously.
    • Be Part of It promotes membership in FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America). Each activity relates directly to one of the FCCLA programs.

Teaching support exclusively designed for Texas

  • Streamline course set-up, class prep, and instruction with a Digital eText.  
    • 24/7 access to Digital eTexts of the Teacher and Student editions, as well as accompanying Test Bank and PowerPoint files.
    • One-click navigation to TEKS aligned content. Use the Digital eText, Student and Teacher Editions, to quickly jump from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards (TEKS) directly to the content in the eText that fulfills that standard.
    • Compatible with Thin Common Cartridge to facilitate single sign-on integration and rostering.
  • Teacher's Wraparound Edition features customized instruction for more advanced, less advanced, special needs, at-risk, and ESOL students.

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  • Carl D. Perkins
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