Food and Nutrition for You, 2/e, Texas Edition


Teaches the essentials of living a healthy lifestyle

Ideal for courses in wellness and nutrition, Food & Nutrition for You teaches students how food supplies the body with the nutrients it needs, and how to make healthful food choices. It introduces students to safe and sanitary food handling, proper use of kitchen equipment, culinary arts, and basic cooking techniques. The Second Edition provides excellent preparation for students exploring careers related to hospitality and tourism, education and training, human services, and health sciences.

Streamlined chapters scaffold learning to engage and simplify

  • A clear writing style and full-color design is punctuated with current, relevant examples to engage students.
  • Why You Need to Know activities are designed to focus the class on the current subject while encouraging discussion and collaboration.
  • Put It Together is a matching activity that reinforces vocabulary and terminology.

Integrated features provide a strong focus on career preparation

  • Hot Topics presents timely and sometimes controversial trends in food and nutrition.
  • Cool Tips offers suggestions, fun facts, and helpful tips.
  • Safe Eats provides food safety and sanitation information.
  • What's Cooking? includes information about specific foods, nutrition, and making healthy food choices.
  • Basic Culinary Skills provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for tasks.
  • Career Close-Up highlights tips and facts about working in the food service industry.
  • Check the Label lists descriptive terms and definitions.
  • Utility Drawer contains descriptions of specialized tools and equipment.
  • Chapter 23, Careers in Food Service and Culinary Arts, provides practical information on starting a career the food service industry.

Cross-curricular support woven throughout

  • The program integrates the core subjects of math, science, language arts, and social studies with the food and nutrition content with the following activities:
    • Science Study activities help students use the scientific process to test food and nutrition concepts.
    • By the Numbers activities integrate basic math skills with food and nutrition concepts by measuring, calculating, and converting.
    • Write Now activities challenge students to use language arts skills to produce essays, stories, and other types of written documents relating to the chapter content.

Collaboration, global awareness, critical thinking, and community involvement activities

  • Case Studies present real-life scenarios with questions to prompt critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Put It to Use activities provide students with the opportunity to put the information they studied in the chapter into context in their own lives.
  • Team Players activities invite students to work collaboratively on projects ranging from research presentations to cooking competitions

Important messages about health, wellness, nutrition, and smart choices

  • Try It! recipes range from difficulty and complexity and can be adapted to any cooking environment. They include nutritional information, safety guidelines, and chef 's tips and suggestions.
  • Tech Connect activities invite students to use technology in self-directed exploration of relevant topics, and to communicate the information to their peers

Strong digital and print teaching and learning support for Texas

  • One-click navigation to TEKS aligned content. Use the Digital eText, Student and Teacher Editions, to quickly jump from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards (TEKS) directly to the content in the eText that fulfills that standard.
  • Streamline course set-up, class prep, and instruction with a Digital eText.  
    • 24/7 access to Digital eTexts of the Teacher and Student editions, as well as accompanying Test Bank and PowerPoint files.
    • Compatible with Thin Common Cartridge to facilitate single sign-on     integration and rostering.
  • Exclusive Teacher's Wraparound Edition supports instruction with the following features and elements:
    • Feature Focuses: Every feature and box in the student edition has a corresponding feature in the Teacher's Wraparound Edition to provide answers and spark discussion.
    • Advance Preparation: A chapter-opening table with suggestions for steps to prepare for class.
    • Customized Instruction Overview provides the pages where teachers can look for instructional materials customized for different levels of learning.
    • Discussion points prompts teachers to review content covered in earlier chapters.
    • "Bell-ringer" activity and corresponding teacher notes starts off the class and focuses the students' attention on the content to come.
    • Section introduction and vocabulary call out key content and define key terms.
    • Teaching Tips explain the content and provide additional information for instructors to use in the classroom.
    • Customized Instruction boxes include accommodations and additional activities for More Advanced, Less Advanced, ESOL, Special Needs, and At-Risk Students.
    • Student Activity and Tiered Activity boxes: These original activities are not in the student edition textbook.
    • Critical Thinking Activities encourage students to use critical-thinking skills.
    • Teamwork Activities promote teamwork, cooperation, and leadership skills.
    • End-of-Chapter Activities: Answers, additional teaching tips, discussion points, and supplemental activities relating to the end of chapter activities are provided.

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  • Carl D. Perkins
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