Wu, et al., Chinese Link: Beginning, 2e ©2011

Wu, et al., Chinese Link: Beginning, 2e ©2011

Chinese Link offers a communicative focus that allows students to develop competency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing the Chinese language, while gaining competence in Chinese culture, exercising their ability to compare aspects of different cultures, making connections to their daily life, and building links among communities.

New to this Edition

  • Now in full-color to provide students with a real-life view of China today.
  • Lessons have been revisited to provide greater balance, add more review and recycling of materials, enhance consistency, and emphasize student outcomes.
  • More engaging and communicative exercises.
  • The “Connections and Communities Preview” section help students make connections to their daily life and build links among their communities.
  • Key grammar points in the sentence pattern section are highlighted.
  • Grammar
    • Pinyin has been added to examples to provide a more effective illustration of the key grammar notes.
    • Grammar explanations have been simplified and clarified.
  • A new “Try It!” section provides guided communicative practice immediately following, reinforcing grammar points.
  • Additional reading comprehension practice. 
  • Updated and additional communicative activities.
  • Fully updated and revised  "Chinese Link" sections.
  • Workbook and Character Book
  • Character exercises have been put into a separate volume for more efficiency and convenience.
  • More challenging and authentic materials added to the listening exercises
  • Progress Checklist, at the end of each Workbook chapter.
  • MyChineseLab™, part of Savvas’s MyLanguageLabs™, is a nationally hosted online learning system created for students and teachers of language courses. It brings together—in one convenient, easily navigable site—a wide array of language-learning tools and resources, including an interactive version of the Chinese Link student text, Student Activities Manual, downloadable PDFs of the Character Book, a file of the artwork in the text, and all materials from the audio programs. Readiness checks, chapter tests, and tutorials personalize instruction to meet the unique needs of individual students. Teachers can use the system to devise assignments, set grading parameters, listen to student-created audio recordings, and provide feedback on student work.  Access to MyChineseLab is granted with the purchase of the Simplified Character Level 1 Part 1 or 2.  Access is available for purchase to accompany the Traditional Character textbooks. See Features and Benefits for more information.


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