Love and Betrayal: A Catullus Reader Expanded Edition ©2012

Love and Betrayal: A Catullus Reader Expanded Edition ©2012

The expanded edition of Love and Betrayal ©2012 is designed to introduce intermediate and advanced Latin students to the poetry of Catullus.

The highly anticipated expanded version includes all of the poems in the previous edition plus poems 14a, 30, 40, 60, 64.50-253, 65, 68.1-40, and 69.

Teachers may pick and choose which poems they wish to teach. The expanded version provides enough content for a complete year of instruction at the secondary level. For teachers wanting an introduction to epic-style poetry, the excerpt from Poem 64 is excellent preparation for study of Vergil’s Aeneid, in which the Dido-Aeneas episode has echoes of Catullus’ poem 64.


Accompanying Love and Betrayal is a Teacher’s Guide with support for teaching the poems including revised and updated materials on many of the poems in the first edition. It provides literal translations of the poems, suggested answers to the study questions, annotated bibliographies of each poem, a general bibliography, and text enlargements to create handouts or to project in the classroom.


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