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Sample Lessons For You To Try!

Below you will find sample lessons 5–6 from Volume I and sample lessons 5–6 from Volume II.  In each volume:

Lesson 5 is a Generative vocabulary lesson focusing on Greek and Latin Word Parts and Meanings.
Lesson 6 is a Domain-Specific vocabulary lesson focusing on Science terms.


Explore the Teacher Edition

Follow the instructional routine outlined in the lessons: Introduce the list words, Practice, Apply, and Assess. Notice the Vocabulary Routine provided for comprehensive instruction. Support to address the needs of all learners can be found under “Differentiate Instruction”.

Read one of the nine professional development articles written by the authors and included in your Teacher Edition.


Explore samples from the Teacher Resource DVD

Use self-assessments, graphic organizers, practice activities, and assessments to inform instruction.


Explore the Student Edition

Students will learn to use explicitly taught strategies for determining the meaning of words. The use of anchor words helps students connect meanings. Notice special feature sections and the “Did you know?” interesting word facts.


Explore the Student Games DVD

Have fun playing Word Hero and Word Builder for lesson 5 and Word Hero for lesson 6.

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