Savvas Language Central for Math Program for Grades 3-8

Language Central for Math helps ELLs and struggling students, grades 3 - 8, develop the academic vocabulary necessary to master math. Oftentimes it’s the math vocabulary, not the mathematical concepts, that hinder student mastery. Language Central for Math is designed to directly address this issue – and to reinforce the instruction given in the math classroom.

The curriculum that serves as the foundation of the program was developed by Fitchburg Public School District (MA), with a goal to provide better Mathematics access to its growing ELL population. Language Central for Math incorporates this curriculum within an ELL instructional framework developed by Dr. Jim Cummins, Savvas Advisor and Professor at Univ of Toronto.

The program was designed for easy and flexible implementation:

  • It supplements any core math program.
  • Each lesson can be used either: 1 class/ week (ESL class) or
    15-20 minutes/day (before each math class).

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