Features and Benefits

For Advanced Placement Psychology

Built-In Preparation and Practice for the AP Psychology Exam

AP students will benefit from plenty of practice with questions formatted and style like those on the AP Exam: multiple-choice questions with five-answer choices and free-response questions. This text provides numerous opportunities for AP students to test their understanding and to practice and develop good test-taking skills.

Practice Quiz: Preparing for the AP Exam

Multiple-choice quizzes are included in each chapter at the end of every major section to help students think critically and apply their understanding of crucial content. These multiple-choice quizzes are presented in the same five-answer format used on the AP Exam.

Test Yourself: Preparing for the AP Exam

A sample test is found at the end of every chapter. The chapter test contains multiple-choice questions and a free-response question, both styled after AP Exam format. Answers to all practice quizzes and end-of-chapter tests are in the Answer Key found in the back of the book. The Answer Key also includes criteria for a successful free-response essay. Use of proper psychological terminology is required in your answer.

AP Icons

Integrated into each chapter, these icons call out where we address each AP Psychology learning objective.

Connects Psychology to the Real World.

NEW! Student Voice Videos. Chapters now open with Student Voice Videos in which psychology students share personal stories about how the chapter theme directly applies to their lives.

Energizes a Desire to Learn.

NEW! Success Center. At the start of each chapter students can access study tip videos.  Based on the Psychology in Action introductory chapter, seven animated videos provide practical advice on study methods, time management, exam prep, and more.

Embeds Interactive Content.

  • NEW! Simulate Experiments. Throughout the text, students will be able to simulate experiments right from the narrative.
  • NEW! Practice Quizzes. Students will be able to take Practice Quizzes as they read.
  • NEW! Videos. Students can watch videos of topics as they are explained in the narrative.
  • NEW! Interactive Figures. Students will be walked through some of the more complex processes in psychology.
  • NEW! Interactive Concept Maps. Reinforce connections across topics. 

Personalize Learning with MyPsychLab.

  • NEW! Writing Space. Writing Space provides everything students need to foster better writing, all in one place. It's a single place to create, track, and grade writing assignments, provide writing resources, and exchange meaningful, personalized feedback with students, quickly and easily. And, Writing Space can also check students' work for improper citation or plagiarism by comparing it against the world's most accurate text comparison database available from Turnitin.
  • Dynamic Study Modules. Not every student learns the same way and at the same rate. And now, thanks to advances in adaptive learning technology, you no longer have to teach as if they do. The Dynamic Study Modules use confidence metrics to identify what students need help with and deliver question and explanation sets based on individual knowledge needs. Students can study on-the-go by downloading the Dynamic Study Modules mobile app on their iPhone or Android device.  
  • MyPsychLab Video Series. Cutting edge and comprehensive, the six video segments for every chapter (approximately five minutes each) take the viewer from the research laboratory to inside the brain to out on the street for real-world applications.