Features and Benefits

Reasons to Choose Drive Right

Drive Right supports teen drivers at every turn with clear facts, procedures, and real-life scenarios. Teach safety and responsibility to prepare teen drivers with a suite of tools, including videos and activity sheets, editable PowerPoint® presentations and an easy-to-use test generator.

Behind the Wheel Video with Activity Sheets
Features up-to-date content and encourages students to talk about the issues and information they need to become safe drivers.

Drive Green Feature
With our environment in mind, this feature promotes actions that conserve fuel or reduce pollution!

Using Map Skills or Analyzing Data
Whether it’s Map Skills or Analyzing Data, every chapter will have at least one of these features! Even with GPS receivers today, a map is a necessary part of any successful travel plan. This features require students to demonstrate their ability to interpret maps, bar graphs, line graphs, or pie charts related to the content of the chapter.

What Would You Say?
One of the most important issues to teach our young drivers is how to handle certain situations while driving with friends. This feature focuses on the role of the passenger in supporting the driver.

Instructional Model
A four-step point-of-use instructional tool – built into every lesson!

  1. Focus: Assesses prior knowledge and all key vocabulary.
  2. Teach: Using visuals with transparencies, demonstrations, and activities.
  3. Assess: Supplies answers to review questions at the end of each chapter activities
  4. Apply: Help students understand with small group activities

Keys to Teaching Success CD-ROM
Features PowerPoint Presentations, Test Generator, and all your teaching resources all on ONE CD!

GoDriver CD-ROM
Features state-specific practice tests, a handbook or driving regulations for all states, consumer tips for new drivers, and parent tips.

Spanish Handbook
The simplified design facilitates greater readability and helps differentiate instruction for struggling learners.