Visual Learning Strategies

Following are some classroom strategies that will take advantage of and further develop the visual learning capabilities of your students.

  • Display materials that help to explain ideas. Reference those displays in your daily practice and encourage children to look at them and talk about them.
  • On field trips and in the playground, stop to examine things that you see. Have your students describe the attributes of those things. Help them to discover what makes those things what they are.
  • Ask students to find real-life examples of things they are learning about in school. Ask them to work with their families to take photos, clip pictures, or make drawings that relate to those things and to share those with the class.
  • Encourage students to scribble and sketch as part of their ongoing note-taking process.
  • Help students to make connections between ideas by creating concept maps and diagrams.
  • Work together to build visual models that bring learning to life. 

Sing along with us!

Songs have been included in the animations on the Interactive DVD-ROM for the following books:

  • Write on Carlos
  • Percy's Neighborhood
  • Happy, Healthy Ajay
  • Freda is Found
  • Emma's Friendwich

You may want to plan sing-alongs with your students to further emphasize the skills presented in these stories. Parents and other caregivers may enjoy having copies of the lyrics so that they can sing these songs at home. Sing and learn! 

Download Song Lyrics