Features and Benefits



  • Completely updated with modern, cutting-edge sketches and designs.  
  • DVD included in the back of the book.
  • Ribbing added to the knit section of Chapter 27.
  • More materials on children's wear and swim wear.
  • Knock offs.
  • Fitting corrections–Includes fitting corrections for the basic patterns.
  • A unique section on patternmaking for bias-cut garments.

~ Illustrates a procedure that guides the patternmaker in adjusting design patterns to offset stretch; integrated into chapters covering cowls and bias-cut dresses.

  • Revised drafting instructions and standard measurement charts.

~ Provides a revised procedure for drafting the front and back bodice and the sleeve to reflect the measurements of the newer model forms.

  • Constructed support for strapless designs–Expands upon discussion and includes an additional strapless foundation.
  • Bias-cut dresses–Emphasizes bias-cut dresses that cling to the figure, as influenced by Madeline Vionnett.
  • Advanced design projects–Adds one or two advanced designs to selected chapters.
  • A practical introduction to patternmaking–Opens the book with discussions on the workroom, the model form and measuring techniques, and how to draft the basic pattern set.
  • Complete coverage of the three steps of design patterns: dart manipulation, added fullness, and contouring.
  • Chapter projects–Includes a fashion sketch for each project with an analysis of the design, and focuses on pattern plot and manipulation for developing the patterns.
  •  Two different bindings: a hardback version and a spiral binding that is encased in a hardback cover that lays flat