Table of Contents

Handbook of Forensic Services—FBI

Next Generation Science Standards Overview

1. Introduction

2. The Crime Scene

3. Physical Evidence

4. Death Investigation

5. Properties of Matter and the Analysis of Glass

6. Drugs

7. Forensic Toxicology

8. The Microscope

9. Forensic Serology.

10. DNA: The Indispensable Forensic Science Tool

11. Crime-Scene Reconstruction: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

12. Trace Evidence I: Hairs and Fibers

13. Trace Evidence II: Metals, Paint, and Soil

14. Forensic Aspects of Fire Investigation

15. Forensic Investigation of Explosions

16. Fingerprints

17. Firearms, Tool Marks, and Other Impressions

18. Document Examination

19. Computer Forensics

20. Mobile Device Forensics

21. Careers in Forensic Science