Table of Contents

 Essentials of Firefighting 7e

Section A: FireFighter I

1 Introduction to the Fire Service and Firefighter Safety.
2 Communications
3 Building Construction
4 Fire Dynamics
5 Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment
6 Portable Fire Extinguishers
7 Ropes and Knots
8 Ground Ladders
9 Forcible Entry
10 Structural Search and Rescue
11 Tactical Ventilation
12 Fire Hose
13 Hose Operations and Hose Streams
14 Fire Suppression
15 Overhaul, Property Conservation, and Scene Preservation

Section B: FireFighter II

16 Building Materials, Structural Collapse, and Effects of Fire Suppression
17 Technical Rescue Support and Vehicle Extrication Operations
18 Foam Fire Fighting, Liquid Fires, and Gas Fires
19 Incident Scene Operations
20 Fire Origin and Cause Determination .
21 Maintenance and Testing Responsibilities
22 Community Risk Reduction

Section C: Emergency First Aid, FireFighter I

23 First Aid Provider

Section D: Hazardous Materials Response for Firefighters, FireFighter I

24 Analyzing the Incident
25 Action Options and Response Objectives
26 Personal Protective Equipment, Product Control, and Decontamination

Section E: NIMS-ICS 100 and 200, Fire Fighter I and II and Hazardous Materials Responder

27 National Incident Management System — Incident Command Structure


A Chapter and Page Correlation to NFPA 1001 and NFPA 1072 Requirements
B Foam Concentrate Characteristics and Application Techniques
C UN Class Placards and Labels
D GHS Summary