Features and Benefits

Police Field Operations: Theory Meets Practice, Second Edition


For courses in police operations and police patrol procedures.


Police Field Operations: Theory Meets Practice, 2/e is a comprehensive, readable text that presents a practical look at police field operations and is designed to be used in one-semester courses on police operations or patrol procedures. Chapters have been designed to be independent units that can be taught individually, but also build upon each other to provide a complete picture of police operations. The text cover all major areas of police operations including patrolling, investigations, crime mapping, community policing, hot pursuit issues, communications, gangs and drugs, and more. Discussions focus on issues and challenges that police officers face on the job and help students bridge the gap between theory and practice.


Teaching and Learning Experience


This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. It provides:

  • Clear links between theory and practice: Chapters help students understand theoretical concepts and directly apply them to field operations.
  • Comprehensive coverage: The text is a complete resource for field operations courses.
  • Readable discussions: Straightforward language and insightful features make the text readable and engaging.

Hallmark Features


Clear links between theory and practice. Chapters are designed to provide a solid grounding in the theory behind police practices and a clear understanding of how and why those theories are implemented every day.

  • Action boxes in each chapter contain excerpts from important documents, real-life examples, and readings on policing to illustrate how text material is implemented and affects the real world.
  • Voice of Experience boxes in each chapter present interviews with current and former police officers, providing professional insight into topics in the text.
  • NEW! A new Conclusions on Policing section lists interesting opinions that researchers have come to regarding policing.

Comprehensive coverage. The text is designed to be a complete resource, providing detailed discussions on all aspects of police field operations, including patrolling, communications, legal constraints, terrorism, gangs and drugs, ethical concerns, and more.

  • Police Field Operations is a comprehensive textbook for one-semester courses that deals with police operations.
  • The material covered is organized and presented in a logical fashion, with each chapter building on previous chapters.
  • NEW! Many updates have been made to bring the text up to date with current procedures and practices.

Readable discussions. Straightforward language and engaging features make this a student-friendly text that is understandable and easy to read.

  • Discussions bring tropics to life through generous use of down-to-earth examples of the issues related to the topics at hand.
  • A glossary provides definitions of key terms for easy student reference.
  • NEW! A summary checklist for handling prisoners has been added.