Illustrates the real-world procedures, applications, and laws through cases, lab activities, and more

Authored by Richard Saferstein, nationally renowned forensic science expert (former head of Forensics for the state of New Jersey), Forensic Science provides the perfect balance between concepts and applications—making learning forensic science exciting! The In-Text Quick Labs are short, hands-on, easy-to-implement activities that enable students to learn by doing. Short, easy-to-digest chapters, more colorful images and graphics, and a greater variety of end-of-chapter questions make the program accessible to even more types of learners.

Covers everything students need to know in an introductory course

Complete coverage includes crime scene procedures and processes, and the fundamentals of forensic science techniques in the crime lab. Specific forensic science applications are also included, such as document examination and computer forensics.

  • Quick Labs. Inquiry is at the heart of science. In-text Quick Labs are hands-on activities that allow students to apply and experience key forensic concepts.
  • Case File features discuss cases of notoriety to demonstrate actual applications of forensic science to real investigations.
  • Review Questions and Application and Critical Thinking exercises help students practice skills and check learning.
  • Career Connections. Roles and responsibilities are discussed throughout discussion of each forensic discipline as well as in Chapter 21, Careers in Forensic Science.

A logical approach that supports even those with limited science backgrounds

  • Presents forensic science in a straightforward, student-friendly format that's ideal for students with limited backgrounds in the sciences.
  • Topics are arranged to integrate scientific methodology with actual forensic applications,
  • National Science Education Standards aligned with the chapter content to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of forensic science
  • Only the most relevant scientific and technological concepts are presented, keeping students focused on the practical knowledge they'll need in the field.

Streamline course set-up, class prep, and instruction with a Digital eText  

  • One-click navigation to TEKS and ELPS aligned content. Use the Digital eText, Student and Teacher Editions, to quickly jump from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards (TEKS) directly to the content in the eText that fulfills that standard.
  • 24/7 access to Digital eTexts of the Teacher and Student editions, as well as accompanying Test Bank and PowerPoint files.
  • Compatible with Thin Common Cartridge to facilitate single sign-on integration and rostering.

The Teacher's Wraparound Edition provides essential support

The Teacher's Wraparound Edition features chapter summaries, discussion questions and extension activities for the case studies, teaching tips, additional lab and classroom activities, additional resource recommendations, discussion questions, points of discussion for chapter figures, notes for brief in-class demonstrations and ideas for lecture topics and in-class discussions, and advanced reading resources and answers for Review Questions.


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