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Features a blend of theory and trends in criminal justice today 

• Chapter 3 on theories of crime has been rewritten and now incorporates theories of victimization.

This Edition incorporates significant changes in the field of criminal justice in 2017 and 2018, including:

New judicial and legislative developments

     •New debates about the police in the context of police—community relations, technology, and transparency

     •Police training in relation to dealing with trauma and responding to the risks and needs of special populations – in particular, individuals who have mental health issues

     •New developments in immigration policy and homeland security

The timeline has been updated to include current events affecting the criminal justice system. This timeline explores historical developments in the criminal justice system and places events in chronological order.

Chapter 14 has been restructured and renamed “Trending Topics.” It continues its discussion of Homeland Security, but now also incorporates updated materials related to immigration and the management and diversion of people in the criminal justice system who have serious mental illness.

Commitment to Pedagogical Excellence

Graphs, tables, and data have been updated to reflect the most current data available. In some cases, new graphics and figures reflecting more current concerns have been added.

Active-learning Features:

• Chapter Introductions, Think About It boxes, and Case Studies have been updated to reflect current events and issues in criminal justice.

• A new end-of-chapter feature, Career Spotlight, has been incorporated throughout select chapters. It provides a quick snapshot of varied career paths from the perspective of practitioners.

New web links related to careers in policing and corrections as well as alternate crime data sources now appear throughout the text.

Check out the preface for a complete list of features and what's new in this Edition.


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