Table of Contents

  1. You and Early Childhood Education: What Does It Mean to Be a Professional?             

  2. Current Issues and Public Policy: Contemporary Influences on Children and Families      

  3. Observation and Assessment for Teaching and Learning: Effective Teaching through Appropriate Evaluation                                                                                                        

  4. The Past and the Present: Prologue to the Future                                                                     

  5. Theories Applied to Teaching and Learning: Foundations for Practice                          

  6. Early Childhood Programs: Applying Theories to Practice                                           

  7. Child Care: Meeting the Needs of Children and Families                                              

  8. Federal and State Governments: Supporting Children’s Success                                 

  9. Infants and Toddlers: Foundation Years for Learning                                                   

  10. The Preschool Years: Readiness for School and Life                                            

  11. Kindergarten Education: Learning All You Need to Know                                 

  12. The Primary Grades: Preparation for Lifelong Success                                                

  13. Technology and Young Children: Education for the Information Age                            

  14. Guiding Children: Helping Children Become Responsible                                 

  15. Understanding Children’s Culture                                            

  16. Children with Diverse Needs: Appropriate Education for All                                         

  17. Parents, Families, and the Community:  Building Partnerships for Student Success