Features and Benefits

Reasons to Choose Savvas Earth Science Textbook

Renowned Author and Illustrator Team
Authors Edward Tarbuck and Frederick Lutgens invite students on a journey of observation, exploration and participation in 2017 Edition the study of Earth’s processes. The accessible writing style, paired with original instructional artwork by Dennis Tasa, leads your diverse classroom on a path to discovery.

Built-in Reading Support
Our proven formula for reading success addresses skills before, during, and after every lesson. Includes key concepts to guide reading, additional vocabulary help, and Checkpoint Questions for self-assessment.

STEM Activities
Excite students with real-world engineering design problems and hands-on inquiry. In Savvas Earth Science you will find activities that promote higher-order critical thinking skills and result in improved student performance. STEM activities support the implementation of the engineering and design process in an engaging and hands-on way. Teachers are provided with STEM activities and teaching strategies at point of use..

Savvas Realize™ is your online learning management system for Savvas Earth Science. With Savvas Realize, you can go digital with online Student Editions, online Teacher’s Editions, and access to the editable worksheet center.

Virtual Earth Science
Leave the lab set-up to us. These Virtual Labs are the most robust interactive labs available. They bring concepts to life in a hands-on lab environment, simulated on the computer, rendering safety and equipment needs obsolete.

Engaging, Relevant Labs
Multiple labs, activities and opportunities for assessment encourage active, meaningful learning, Hands-on lab experiences let students investigate and interpret earth science principles to develop conclusions.

  • Inquiry Labs at the start of every chapter enable students to explore and discover concepts before reading about them.
  • Quick Labs help students apply earth science concepts and skills. Each lab is short and manageable, and can performed in less than one class period.
  • Laboratory Manual gives students even more opportunities to actively explore and apply concepts. Hands-on experiences in geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and more, provide just the right lab for every learning style.
  • End of Chapter Labs encourage students to develop inquiry skills with opportunities that range from teacher-glued to open-ended. The Go-Further feature encourages advanced students to explore topics in more detail.

Spanish Resources
The Spanish Guided Reading and Study Workbook and the Spanish Chapter Tests help you address the needs of today’s diverse student population.