Features and Benefits

Ecce Romani Latin Textbook Features

  • Proven success! - ECCE ROMANI has been used successfully in classroom across the   country and around the world.
  • Integrated technology - ECCE ROMANI offers updated technology to engage today's learners  including an Online Interactive Textbook for ECCE ROMANI 1 and 2. The Companion Web site, reached via Web Codes printed in the Student Edition offers additional practice, self-tests, and links to   additional resources.
  • Flexible! - For ECCE ROMANI I, schools can choose between a hardcover   Student Edition with Chapters 1 through 27 or two softcover books.  ECCE ROMANI IA includes Chapters 1-17 and ECCE ROMANI IB includes Chapters 18-27
  • Expanded Language Activity Books - All three levels of ECCE ROMANI offer expanded Language Activity Workbooks with vocabulary lists per chapters, more practice for each section of the Student Edition, and a second reading in each chapter!
  • Updated Teacher's Edition with expanded teaching support and all resources organized by chapter!
  • ExamView Computer Test Bank - The Test Bank provides a bank of question per chapter plus the flexible to edit the tests or write your own questions.
  • Updated ECCE ROMANI III - Expanded selections for a full year of instruction