This one-day workshop focuses on strategies to help teachers seamlessly integrate MathXL® for School into their classroom instruction. Participants explore the powerful tools MathXL for School provides that enhance teaching and learning, differentiate instruction, and accurately assess student understanding of mathematical concepts. Participants learn how to create standards-aligned courses and customize homework and assessments within these courses. These course options include an introduction to the Common Core State Standards and focus on making the transition from state standards to the Common Core State Standards. The workshop also addresses the role of administrators in Coordinator courses and explains the process for accessing, measuring, and analyzing school- or district-wide data. Participants learn how they can best implement the program to meet their own needs as an educator as well as the needs of all their students.


OUTCOMES: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Implement MathXL for School with purpose and effectiveness.
  • Personalize and differentiate instruction using the program tools.
  • Access individual or collective student data to analyze student performance and drive instructional decisions.
  • Address common technical setup questions.
  • Align MathXL for School course objectives to the Common Core and State standards.
  • Create standards aligned homework and assessments within their course content.
  • Apply ideas for how MathXL for School can help teach standards based mathematics.



Educators, Math Coaches, Specialists, Administrators