Table of Contents


Features of This Book

Part I CompTIA 200-901 Exam Focus

Chapter 1: Intro to the World of IT

Chapter 2: Connectivity

Chapter 3: On the Motherboard

Chapter 4: Intro to Configuration

Chapter 5: Disassembly and Power

Chapter 6: Memory

Chapter 7: Storage Devices

Chapter 8: Multimedia Devices

Chapter 9: Video Technologies

Chapter 10: Printers

Chapter 11: Mobile Devices

Chapter 12: Computer Design and Troubleshooting Review

Chapter 13: Internet Connectivity

Chapter 14: Introduction to Networking

Part II CompTIA 220-902 Exam Focus

Chapter 15: Basic Windows

Chapter 16: Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Chapter 17: OS X and Linux Operating Systems

Chapter 18: Computer and Network Security

Chapter 19: Operational Procedures

Appendix A: Subnetting

Appendix B: Certification Exam Objectives (Online)